Pallatrax LILO (line in, line out)

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Pallatrax LILO (line in, line out)

Postby clint » 06 Jun 2011 07:30

I had a look at the ‘Stonze’ system earlier last year and decided that it is right for me; some anglers will never leave the fold and think about change, but the ‘Stonze’ has all the advantages of a lead and more. They can be flavoured, coloured, used as a method feeder or as a mould for paste baits; you can even ‘grow your own’ camouflage if you leave them pegged out in the venue you are fishing. Because the ‘Stonze’ are completely natural, (clue in the name by the way!) then, in time, a build up of algae and suchlike is guaranteed to hide your terminal gear from wary fish!

Not content with producing ‘Stonzes’ designed to be used in a similar way to the more usual lead set up, Pallatrax have come up with a new twist on an already great idea. By hiding all components of terminal tackle, the LILO (line in, line out) ‘Stonze’ render your rigs invisible. The basic premise is that the ONLY item attached the line is the hook link swivel, and this can be tucked away neatly inside an object which appears to belong on the lake bed. By using a drilled ‘Stonze’, it allows a rubber sleeve to be fitted internally and cut to a precise length to hide it entirely. This becomes an integral ‘liner’ and is shaped to reduce in diameter and prevents the swivel travelling through the LILO ‘Stonze’ to give a self hooking rig as the fish picks up the bait. The full weight of the LILO is transferred to the hook resulting in positive indication for the angler.

In the event of the fish finding a snag, there is no danger of damage or worse because when the line parts, there is nothing to stop the LILO releasing and falling to the lake bed enabling the fish to shed the hook.

The beauty of the system is its simplicity; as anglers, we constantly strive to hide our end tackle, so why not ‘remove’ it completely?? By using ‘Stonze’ or LILO, the fish will only see a stone or pebble on the bottom, not the clearly defined shape of the lead, leadcore or lead clip; it won’t even detect the swivel, because LILO hides that too! In an era where successful marketing and ‘celebrity’ endorsement means huge sales and profits, why not leave the flock behind and try something different? I’m confident it will increase my catch rate, when you think about it logically, it must do; what is there for the fish to fear? There is nothing to see!

Visit to find out more, rrp around £1.60


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Re: Pallatrax LILO (line in, line out)

Postby Jedd Hughes » 07 Jun 2011 18:51

Hi Clinton

That looks just the job, I will be doing a lot on the Hampshire Avon this season, crystal clear water and many of the swims have the same type of stone/large gravel

I think I will invest in a few of these ;)

It was this big
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Re: Pallatrax LILO (line in, line out)

Postby clint » 07 Jun 2011 18:59

I haven't used a lead (except for zig rigs) since I got on these....May be just a confidence thing, but work for me.
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