Good old Spam or Meat

Which boilie, pellet or meat would you recommend to others?

Good old Spam or Meat

Postby Jedd Hughes » 03 Jul 2010 08:09

Hi All
I know a lot of angler's will get the Spam or meat out when the water is flooded or coloured.
But i find it work's well at the beginning of the season too on some river's , myself i have had 2 Barbel already on it this season using it so it's well worth a go. :)
Maybe it becouse it's the start of the season and they have not seen it for month's now or anglers dont use it much any more so there not as weary of it.

Do any of you still have a go with it in the summer month's :?: :?: :?: :?: .

Alway's have a tin in my bag now ;) on a hard day it may even pick up the odd fish for you,it has me. :mrgreen:
It was this big
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Re: Good old Spam or Meat

Postby bgit » 03 Jul 2010 11:51

Hi Nigel,
Have caught on it in the Summer months - used to be one of my only baits. Still find it useful - especially for fishing through weed using direct hooking. This is where the meatball is great - providing you don't use the softer ones (avoid the Campbells gravy ones - soft). The ones that contain both pork and chicken are tougher - Tesco and Asda own brands and also cheap. They take a flavour and coatings well and can be used in multiples. If you want to be different try coating in Thai fish sauce (soluble) and then Cajun spice. I used to do this and then sprinkle parmesan cheese and microwave for a bit - this gave a partially melted pongy coating that didn't wash off so easily. Had shed loads of fish on this. Ask Paddy!
Remember getting very small knocks on regular size meat and have done well with tiny bits as well as large chunks. Remember having three fish on minute bits of meat hair rigged when they were ignoring regular sized bits.
Sausage paste is also very good.
Maybe the fish aren't so spooked by it now?

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Re: Good old Spam or Meat

Postby Mooks » 03 Jul 2010 12:50


When l used to fish the Tees before l moved to sheffield l had to switch to punched meat using the largest korum punch hair rigged of course..
Found they were finicky with normal cubes but had a few fish using the korum punch...

Going to the trent near derby week today so if this predicted rain gets going and the river holds colour and going down by the end of the week...= bliss to me !!! :D

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Re: Good old Spam or Meat

Postby elnino » 05 Jul 2010 21:22

you could also try this cut or tear your meat up and place into a poly bag , put in a good squrt of garlic paste and a good sprinkle of chille powder and shake . You can use sraight away or even better next day after its been frozen which pulls the flavour into thr meat more. I have had some good results with this even in the summer / clear conditions :D
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Re: Good old Spam or Meat

Postby barbelbloke » 05 Jul 2010 22:18

Found meat to be more effective on the severn than any of the rivers around here, just usually take pellet and boilie but always take a tin of meat when travelling up the m5.. ;)
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Re: Good old Spam or Meat

Postby Will from Notts » 05 Jul 2010 22:36

Hi Nigel

I would also give bacon grill a try, have been buying mine from lidl at £1.30 a tin.

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