mass attacks?

Which boilie, pellet or meat would you recommend to others?

mass attacks?

Postby paul y » 02 Jul 2011 10:04

hi guys just want to pick your brains see what your opinions are,
i used to do a fair bit of match fishing back in the day (you know the usual teenage testosterone fuelled need to compete) and i always found a good way to aproach the river bait wise was the use large amounts of loosefed maggots or hemp caster (not sure of the modern term but involved feeding a pouch of maggotts every 30 seconds for half hour get the fish really sharking on the bait before fishing for them) it used to work well for big bags of roach chub n barbel. so my ques is this, has or does anyone fish like this anymore? does it still work? do barbel on the ba spook on hemp as some have told me? what would be your preference hemp n caster or straight maggot, im out on the avon at bathampton weir tuesday and avoncliffe thurs and was going to try either, any bait advice or tactics for those stretches? (cant help but get the feeling that as ive had a few seasons off im seriously off the money when it comes to bait tactics etc) also anyone got any idea who controls fishing on the frome at freshford (confluence with avon)
cheers in advance guys, pm me if you have advice you dont want being public.
paul y
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Re: mass attacks?

Postby RICH PARSONS » 02 Jul 2011 11:26

Hi Paul,
I have used the same method using micro and 6mm pellets (though not normally this early in the season)
Also using a maggot feeder filled with micro pellets recasting every 10 mins to get a good bed of pellets down works very well as well.
Adapted match attacks do work and on the right day can clean right up but they have the draw back of drawing in large numbers of smaller fish.

Ya know what I mean?
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Re: mass attacks?

Postby paul y » 02 Jul 2011 15:03

hi rich thanks for the reply,
appreciate the advice re the pellets (im assuming they would have a more pronounced effect with a little colour on? and later in the year when food need increases?) you are spot on with attracting small fish with maggot though, ive got distinct memorys of feeding off bleak etc on lower avon, im going to give it a try at avoncliffe this thursday, will try to find a fast to steady, long, 5ftplus deep glide,(with lots of weed and cover!) feed little and often hemp caster maggot for 45 mins and then run a stick or loafer down and see what happens! and if it works to any degree of success i will post so (im not into keeping secrets and jealously gaurding success) others can give it a go as well then,
any advice on tried trusted approaches in low clear water? (apart from the usual wander find and fish) i do like to stay quite active and find myself itching to move even when wandering the banks might try marrying the two and wander the banks with a maggot caster hemp float approach
anyway thanks fella tight lines paul
paul y
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Re: mass attacks?

Postby richie » 05 Jul 2011 00:02

Think Avon and tribs have got that bit of the frome, they've also got a very nice stretch at iford. My mate is a member, think its quite pricey.
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