Just to let you all know.

Which boilie, pellet or meat would you recommend to others?

Re: Just to let you all know.

Postby CabbagePatchKid » 08 Sep 2011 19:56

Nigel Maidment wrote:Hi All
Garlic Spam is on its way back. :) :)
SPAM® UK Hi Nigel, we are bringing it back by popular demand and in a new can design. We'll keep you posted as to when it's going in store.

Nigel (manu31999)

Great, Nige, I'm fed-up with cheese in my sandwiches :lol:
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Re: Just to let you all know.

Postby keithy61 » 08 Sep 2011 22:17

sounds good nigel but i'll cost me twice as much 1tin for the barbs then me
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Re: Just to let you all know.

Postby runhunt » 13 Sep 2011 19:28

good news have had one tin left in the cupboard for ages, didnt really have a good prolonged flood last year and didnt want to use it up, am glad, will buy a case and make it last this time,
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