Swapping to winter baits

Which boilie, pellet or meat would you recommend to others?

Swapping to winter baits

Postby Jedd Hughes » 28 Oct 2011 10:30

Hi all

I noticed a recent post where Kenny advised he is starting to introduce his winter bait, I am interested who else swaps for the colder months or do you stick to the same bait all year?

I also personally swap to boilie from about now and will place maybe twenty into the swim over a say four hour session and a handful when I leave ready for the next visit,

What about you?

It was this big
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Re: Swapping to winter baits

Postby THE SMELLY PELLET » 28 Oct 2011 18:41

I will be staying on pellets, little or no loose feed and as i dont keep fishing the same swims none on leaving
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Re: Swapping to winter baits

Postby Rob Harrison » 28 Oct 2011 20:35

For me small 10mm boilies or pellets also but always with a skin of paste this time of year... using PVA bag rarely and not much feed. (Cheap few months comng up then :-))
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Re: Swapping to winter baits

Postby hookedup » 29 Oct 2011 20:37

I will be mainly sticking with my usual double hair rigged 8mm pellet on a size 10 aswell as my hair rigged cube of meat with open-end feeders with the the exception of reduced feed pellets/hemp however I do fancy having ago with the stick float at some point for the barbel so I will probably try some other baits namely casters/corn/maggots with hemp..
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