Avon Roach

The roach is typically a small fish, often reaching no more than about 35 cm (14 inches) in length. A fish of 2¼lb would be considered a largish specimen but they can, sometimes, attain weights just in excess of 4lb.

Re: Avon Roach

Postby Barbel123 » 21 Jan 2011 14:14

Has anyone fished these lakes yet?
Think this could be a good call very soon, especially if this cold weather continues. I fancy a nice big roach on the float :D .
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Re: Avon Roach

Postby thevicar » 20 Dec 2014 17:13

can you still get tickets for tytherington lake, is that the one in marsdon house grounds, any info greatfully recieved
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Re: Avon Roach

Postby runhunt » 20 Dec 2014 20:12

hi vicar, yes i believe you can, however try Paul Haines' tackle shop at cliveys pond in dilton marsh ( sorry dont know the number google it ) for better info than i have. incidentally i was told later that the lakes were pants and full of too many small fish that you have to battle with to get to the bigger ones, but maybe worth a try ( the big river seems to be out of sorts at present).
good luck
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