Record Grayling

Record Grayling

Postby Dawkie » 07 Mar 2011 00:12

Many fishing trips my pal and I embark on usually end up with reasonable results, when it involves spotting fish we aim to catch.

A trip to the Dorset Frome last winter was no exception.

We observed two Grayling. One appeared to be in excess of three pounds in weight, the other much bigger, a fish of dreams...

We arrived at the swim after spotting the fish and carefully fed the swim with maggots hoping to snare the quarry we had observed.

Of course it was not as easy as we imagined, however after around twenty minites, the float buried and we knew something special was attatched to the baited hook.

After carefull play, eventually in our net was a magnificent grayling in the fold of the landing net. Unfortunately not the monster we had observed, but the smaller fish of the pair.

After weighing, the fsh tipped the scales at 3lb 3oz.

A very pleasing result, however not the fish we were after...

Part two to follow... :D
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Re: Record Grayling

Postby runhunt » 08 Mar 2011 16:33

unlucky dawkie, keep trying.
i to fished the frome last week, but not the dorset one, and i also had a grayling, my first for about 24 years! not as big as that though, what lovely fish they are often thought about having a go for them on the forme in dorset what are the day ticket prices like? dont need to mention stretches just a rough price guide please pm if you like
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Re: Record Grayling

Postby Kenny Parsons » 23 Mar 2011 22:53

Paul try the Lower Itchen Fishery. I fished there in early December with the Tench Fishers, bloody cold rod rings freezing throughout day. Caught 49 graying one trout and a salmon of about 5lbs.
There are some good roach and chub present. All this for £22 per day.
They have a web site take a look.
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Re: Record Grayling

Postby runhunt » 29 Mar 2011 19:16

thanks for that, that sounds just up my street, would really fancy that and £22 for a once a year thing aint a bad shout, appreciate that and will look it into it definately
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