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well am not really a trout catcher, but am fishing a little brook in this cold weather.
had two lovely brown trout today( saturday)- plus other fish, but had 1x brown trout of 2lb and 1 brown trout of 1.5lb, great fun on light gear and small hooks, sorry not a traditionalist and didn't use a fly, and i guess they were out of season, so i put them both back, i didnt tell the wife as she would have been upset as i didnt take them home for the pot!
probably the biggest brownie i have had in some years, but as said don't really fish for them, but used to catch them on box brook some years ago, at box on the free stretch, and the old spafax stretch, that was til peter gabriel bought the mill and banned fishing! (sort of) many many years ago, monster dace in the box brook back then too! several around the pound mark and we didnt really understand the size of them back then, just thought ooh nice dace, you appreciate more as you get older and wiser, saw an article in the wilts times some weeks back, about a catch from yesteryear in a segment and it was reported that a trout of 6lb plus was caught from the bristol avon near melksham, now i havent seen a trout that big in the avon ever! anyone else, twas the sixties mind.
anyone else catching trout on small brooks/rivers?
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