Just taking a dig........and Stalking

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Re: Just taking a dig

Postby Thomas_Covenant » 18 Apr 2009 19:32

I started to touch ledger a couple of seasons ago and i could not believe that i was missing so much action. With the rod sitting in the rest the tip was motionless most of the time but put a loop of line through your fingers and you can feel every little touch to your bait.

I sat touch ledgering one evening when i felt a slight trembling of the line, i hit it probably the biggest fish i have ever hit into, the hook eventually straightened and i lost a very big fish................. would the big have developed into a four foot twitch, i dont think so!

I have had some good fish through touch ledgering in the past couple of seasons, i dont think i would have had half of the fish i caught if i had not have felt them throught the line.

I do not sit and watch a motionless tip any more, i always touch ledger.
Waiting for my next bite!

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Re: Just taking a dig........and Stalking

Postby Jedd Hughes » 12 Aug 2010 21:56

Hi Chaps

I am also going to continue touch ledgering as a method, I tried it towards the end of last season and also could not believe what you can feel through the braid when the rod tip almost appears to stay static. Also I would imagine you can relax a little more instead of being transfixed to the isotope.

I have struck a few of what I used to think were chub knocks and as stated previously hooked into barbel. My biggest fish was a very slight movement on the rod tip, it only moved approx 4inches then dropped back. looking forward to also stalking especially if we get a good summer.


It was this big
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