there's a rat in me shed ,what am i gonna do!

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there's a rat in me shed ,what am i gonna do!

Postby ted ryan » 03 Jan 2012 22:54

i went into the man cave tonight, for the first time in ages,only to find four holes between the flagstones,then looked at the bait shelf,ffsake! thy've chewed through a bag of active8 pellets,then onto ground elipse pellets,finishing up with ccmoores betaine pellets,who said this stuff is no good in winter? Then i had a look at the rods ,only to find they've been stashing stuff there,and also they've made a nest out of me nash second skin,which is now in shreds[it was too hot any way], the swines, i hope they get heartburn!!
ted ryan
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Re: there's a rat in me shed ,what am i gonna do!

Postby CabbagePatchKid » 03 Jan 2012 23:55

Ouch!!! I had this with mice a couple of years ago.
They camped-out in my tackle bag all winter, peed all over my reels which corroded them completely and ruined all my tackle and the bag (the reels were 2 ABU Suverans worth £400.00 :cry: )

I put down poison which eradicated the little buggers in no time :twisted:
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Re: there's a rat in me shed ,what am i gonna do!

Postby bushie69 » 04 Jan 2012 09:46

im having a few problems with mice at the moment had four of them in traps and have also put down poison hope that will be the end of it for now.hope you get your rat problem sorted ted
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Re: there's a rat in me shed ,what am i gonna do!

Postby runhunt » 04 Jan 2012 20:21

have also had mice troubles, i didnt mind, til they ate the butt section of my greys prodigy, then they had to die. i put down traps and had 32 in a matter of weeks, the gits, and they ate my rod sleaves as well. i telephoned greys to see if i could purchase another rod sleave, they politely said no. i had the feeling they thought i was a loon.
the previous year the mice had got through my sack of hemp and had wee'd on the rest of the bag and some germinated and had little 'plants' growing. not ever tried to smoke the stuff myself i put them on the compost heap. i doubt a policeman would believe me if i said "i'm not growing cannabis but the mice wee'd on it and made it grow, honest m'lud!"
liitle gits!
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